The Most Popular Myths About Dark Roast Coffee

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The Most Popular Myths About Dark Roast Coffee

Here are the most misguided judgments about Dark Roast Coffee.

Dark Roast Coffee Has More Flavor

As coffee is being cooked it initially creates kinds of sweetness and natural product. As the bean advances optional flavors, for example, citrus, nuts and flavors develop. Further along these flavors start to decay and the bean grows more body. Sooner or later, the main taste is full body.

If you like dark roast coffee you need to surrender a small portion of flavor.

Dark Roast Coffee Tastes Burnt

Just because some popular dark roasted coffee taste a little burnt, doesn't imply that all dark roast coffee taste the same. A great dark roast has body, sweetness and some unpretentious flavors. At Brass Knuckle Coffee we filter out the burnt beans while there are still some flavors left.

Dark Roast Coffee Has More Caffeine

This is not true. There is actually more caffeine typically in light roasted coffee compared to dark roast! Fortunately at Brass Knuckle Coffee we are able to keep most of the caffeine in the bean during our unique roasting process.

Dark Roast Coffee Has Less Acid

Dark roasted coffee doesn't have less than a medium roast coffee. The PH of the beans is identical.

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