(12) GoldTone Resin and Charcoal Water Filters - Fits Cuisinart, Braun Coffee Makers

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✔️ WORKS WITH - All Cuisinart coffee makers that require a water filter!

✔️ WORKS WITH - All Braun drip model coffee makers that require a water filter!

👑 QUALITY EXCEEDS ORIGINAL FILTER - The use of ultra-fine grain resin AND charcoal results in larger and quicker water filtration compared to the original filter. GoldTone only uses the HIGHEST quality of resin available.

💪 SOFTEN WATER & IMPROVED HEALTH - These resin filters REMOVE impurities and minerals that can create build-up and clog your coffee maker. It's recommended that 70-80% of a healthy diet should come from alkaline food. Alkaline water flushes acidic waste from cells and tissues, this helps slow down aging and reduces fat cells which leads to weight loss!

💰 SUPERIOR VALUE AND 1 YEAR SUPPLY – GoldTone believes in providing the HIGHEST quality of good for the absolute LOWEST price, with OVER 25 years of experience there is a reason we are the WORLD LEADER in coffee filtration products. For the BEST results replace every month. 12 filters = 1 year supply!